Wednesday, October 26, 2011

First Post!

Well I've decided to start blogging!

 Let's start with a little bit of background, shall we? I have just recently started quilting, sewing, and cross stitching. After graduating college in May and still being unable to find a full time job, I found I have a lot of time on my hands- and what better way to spend it then making things! I started off by taking up cross stitch again.

Then it all changed when my aunt, a quilter, came to visit in September. She took me to my first quilt shop and I fell in love. Now I spend way too much time on quilting blogs, message boards, and making wish lists of fabrics I want- I'm sure you all understand!

So while I am still a novice at all things sewing and quilting, I've decided to share my projects anyway.


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