Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Pincushions and Fabric- Oh My!

Last project to share of the day:

My carrot pin cushion by Just Another Button Company.

I knew I had to make this when I saw this kit.

And it only took a couple of hours.

In other news...

I am still loving the Ruby fabric.

I want to make a quilt out of it- I already plan to make a table runner with the extra fabric from my sewing machine cover- but that's just not enough. I'll probably add some Dottie fabric in there as well. And I'm thinking of trying out this:

It's a snuggles pack. Has anyone used this as a backing? It looks nice and snuggly.

I also cannot wait until February when this comes out:

Peanuts fabric! I looove the Peanuts gang and I will definitely be making a quilt out of this! February seems so far away though..

Also, can you tell how much I love the Fat Quarter Shop? I spend way too much time there.


You're a Mean One...Mr. Grinch

So when I saw this quilt kit on the Fat Quarter Shop, I knew I had to become a quilter to make it!

(I was going to link to it here but I can't seem to find it anymore on their site)

Merry Grinchmas Quilt Kit by Julie Herman 56x68

I love the Grinch! It was actually a pretty easy quit to make (although mine is by no means perfect- at all). I even tried to FMQ it- which also needs a lot of work. Not the best pictures either.

A close up of my lovely FMQ (I jest):

The second I laid it out, my cats decided it was their quilt:

Even when I took it off the floor- it was still hers:

And Wednesday didn't want to miss out either:

Boo Club!

I just finished this one up today. It's by Lizzie*Kate and it's called the Boo Club. Did I mention how much I love Lizzie*Kate?

I need to iron it again- but you get the idea. I made it into a bell pull with a cute hanger from Nordic Needle that I painted black.

I've also realized that it looks crooked on the wall for some reason- that would definitely be user error in putting it up!

Sewing Machine Cover

So here's my first official sewing/quilting project. A cover for my sewing machine! The pattern is by Thimble Blossoms and the fabric is Ruby by Bonnie and Camille and the dot fabric is Dottie by Moda Fabrics (I really do looove dots).

The cover is kind of crooked in the photo since I still had my thread spool on the machine (oops!).

Needless to say my first attempt at binding did not go well, and I've been meaning to re-do it, just haven't gotten around to it yet.

Angel of Winter and All You Need is...

 Two more cross stitch projects:

Angel of Winter by Lavender and Lace:

And a close up of the beads- and the 'fuzzy' thread- which by the way- was a nightmare to actually use. 

And here's a design by one of my favorite designers- Lizze*Kate. It's called All you Need is Love...

Sorry about the awful flash!

Angel of Hope

My first cross stitch, Lavender and Lace's Angel of Hope:

First Post!

Well I've decided to start blogging!

 Let's start with a little bit of background, shall we? I have just recently started quilting, sewing, and cross stitching. After graduating college in May and still being unable to find a full time job, I found I have a lot of time on my hands- and what better way to spend it then making things! I started off by taking up cross stitch again.

Then it all changed when my aunt, a quilter, came to visit in September. She took me to my first quilt shop and I fell in love. Now I spend way too much time on quilting blogs, message boards, and making wish lists of fabrics I want- I'm sure you all understand!

So while I am still a novice at all things sewing and quilting, I've decided to share my projects anyway.